Super Seven Book Store Logo Designs That Have Surpassed Their Competitors

Who wants to go through the trouble of going to a bookstore when you can get new and old books from the comfort of your home?

Why waste money on travel expenses when they can be delivered free at your doorstep?

Online bookstores are in demand and successful but this also makes their industry more competitive. One thing that sets an online store apart from others is their brand mark.

Below mentioned are some popular book store logo designs that have gained international recognition.

1. Barnes and noble:
This is one of the most popular bookstores that in the world. Their trademark is simply the corporation name in thin and straight fonts in green color with the ‘&’ in between the two words crafted in gray. The curviness of the ‘&’ combined with the dark green color makes this emblem chic and stylish.

2. Borders:
The big sized type face of this emblem is what makes it so difficult to ignore. Along with that, the black colored thick and straight fonts with a red underline make it look professional and intimidating. Overall, this monogram is eye catching, sophisticated and timeless.

3. Dymocks – for book lovers:
This emblem is crafted quite cangura simply with only two colors – red and white. The background of the monogram is created in red white the text is written in white. This makes the design attractive and eye catching. The type face of the emblem is crafted to be thin and stylish which makes it perfect for a contemporary business.

4. Powell’s books:
Mainly, this website has been created in chocolate and white colors with touches of light blue and light brown. Their company symbol is created in curvy fonts in dark brown color on a white background which makes the design sophisticated and timeless. Brown color also represents trust and dependability which are the key features for any online business.

5. Better World Books:
They are one of the best online bookstores that offer new and bargained rates to their customers. Their brand mark is simple and timeless. It consists of the business name ‘Better World’ in straight and thick fonts in black color with the word ‘Books’ in gray color. There is a small image of a blue and green book between the words ‘better’ and ‘world’ which adds a touch of color to the design.